Off Season / Pre Season

So what do most Bass Pros do once their tournament season ends? Well, since it happens to end right about the time deer season kicks off a majority of the anglers drop their rods and pick up the bow or rifle. As much as I love to hunt there is way too much to do during the few months off to find time to slide away into the woods.

First on my list is get the boat sold and a new one on order. While that is happening I try to get all of my tackle out of the boat, truck, garage, and every other corner of space I have something laying in and get it back organized so I can find it in Jan. Knowing what you have and what you don’t have can save you lots of time and money when it comes to stocking back up for the first few events. Wasting money on baits that I already have 10 of but cant find is not smart business. I also like to spend time going through each box of baits to check for rust, worn hooks and split rings. Spending a little time and money in this area can save you a lot of heartache and put more winnings in your pocket. Don’t let a 50 cent hook be the difference in getting that big fish of the tournament in the boat or not. That can cost you hundreds of dollars in winnings.

I also like to go through all my rods and reels. Check each rod guide for wear or a broke guide and get it repaired or if the blank is in bad shape replace the entire rod. Don’t over look the reel seat either. Make sure the thread are not worn and your reel is held in place securely. Its not east to replace a reel seat but you can use alternate methods to secure your reel to the rod to give the reel seat a stronger hold. Ive used super glue in a pinch…its a more permanent solution but it worked. Take the time to either get your reels cleaned or do it yourself. You can get many years out of a reel with some minor care and maintenance. Having extra drag brakes and bearings on hand can also make an old reel like new.

Once I have gotten everything organized, inventoried, cleaned, and ready for the new season it is time to restock. Make a list of the items you use the most and stock up during the holiday and off season sales. Also buying in bulk can save money in the long run.

With all that complete…I just might have a few days left in the season to put a few deer in the freezer.


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